Pivot. Pivot. Pivot.

Posted by Nadim van der Ros on June 13, 2018
Nadim van der Ros

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Written to the tune of Turn, Turn, Turn by the Byrds.

Be An Idea is changing. In fact, we've been quietly changing over the last several months and what's really changed is that we're ready to announce this to the world. We recognise that being a 6-year old enterprise that is still pivoting in start-up mode feels very much like being Steve Carell's Andy Stitzer character in Forty Year Old Virgin. We've pivoted a few times and each new pivot sows plenty of confusion about what we do.

For some, we are a marketing consultancy and others social movement specialists. For the public at large, we are probably best known for the series of inspirational talks we organised around social impact called Fuze Night. We've even been a news portal focusing on stories that are making a difference. That version of ourselves is now defunct but its legacy lives on in the name we operate under - Be An Idea.

Pivoting is not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the most successful companies you know today started as something different as their founders strove to find ways to ensure their organisations remained relevant.

Nintendo started as a playing card company. Marriott was originally a root beer outlet. And the question that faced us was, what will Be An Idea become?

There were two factors that were important to me, as a founder, when considering this latest pivot. Firstly, my core belief that Be An Idea uses whatever skills or resources it has available to it, must be used to build up stronger communities. Secondly, to answer once and for all, what was it that people valued us for, in all our incarnations, that we were good at and enjoyed delivering. These factors might not have changed much over the last six years, but our articulation of this perhaps got a little muddied.

Now, after several months of working towards this, I am pleased to unveil our new mission at Be An Idea.

Our purpose and mission is to help communities thrive by designing meaningful brands that clearly articulate an organisation's impact and contribution to the communities they serve. Stronger communities are built through engagement where brands from the public, corporate and social sector are supported by a strong brand strategy that drives purpose.
Reflecting our passion for great narratives, Be An Idea is reimagining itself as a brand strategy consultancy for social impact. To deliver value to our clients, we have encapsulated our experience into Be An Idea's Dynamic Brand Strategy process that uses the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method of facilitation to help design better brand strategies.

I am realistic that not everyone likes change and whatever your previously relationship with us was, it might now be drastically different to what we are now about to become. But this change is important for us because we not only want to strive for financial success, we also want to continue to make a positive difference in communities in the best way possible that make sense. And while Be An Idea may no longer be a brand that relevant to you anymore, we want to thank you for the support that you've given over the years, even if it was as simple as a like on our social media channels.

For the rest of you still listening, if building a meaningful brand strategy for your organisation that drives positive impact in the community is important to you, I invite you to have a chat to us when you're ready.

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